Model Cars Honoring Petty Racing

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This page shows photos and descriptions of the builds I made for these years


1/64 scale diecast are models too, so I am working to include them into the collection

1950 Plymouth driven by Lee Petty throughout the 1950-1952 seasons

1953 Dodge 1/64 scale diecast

1954 Dodge 1/64 Diecast

Lee Petty's 1955 Chrysler. This was built from a Motor Max 1/24 scale diecast with fresh paint and new decals added. Below is a 1/64 scale

Lee Petty 1956 Dodge 1/64 scale

1957 Olds Hardtop driven by Lee Petty 1/64 scale . Driven throughout the 1957-1958 seasons


Seen here are Richard's versions of the 1957 olds in 1/64 scale . Two were hand painted many years ago using 1957 Chevrolets



This Oldsmobile convertable was raced in Richard' s Fifth race in my hometown at the Wilson County fairgrounds . It finished fifth. The car was created by repainting a Johnny lightning 1/24 scale generic #400 Olds.

1959 Plymouth built from Christine model kit. This one represnts a dirt track racer.