Model Cars Honoring Petty Racing

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Step 1- choose a kit to build like this 1990 STP Pontiac

Check the decals, age can do damage. I recomment spraying the decals with clear coat or decal bonding spray before dropping them into the drink.

Dechrome parts you want to paint. This is accomplished by soaking the parts in a bleach solution.

Wheel and tire prep

Begin by sanding the tread of the tire to remove the seam and give the tire an "I've been raced " look.

Then paint the wheels and add details like wheel weights and rim markings.

use liquid paper to pick out the letters on the tires, a toothpic can be used to make set and other tire markings.

next- prep the glass for painted details

time to check out the rest of the kit and inventory the parts, wash all parts with a toothbrush and joy dish detergent. This will eliminate oils from ruining the next step painting the body.


assemble the bumpers, wetsand inperfections, and spray a coat of primer to the body.

Petty cars use floresent orange paint, this requires the car to be painted flat white because floresencent colors are transparent. Carefully mask each section for the differerent colors. after color scheme is acheieved apply a coat of clear paint to the body, this will make it easier to perforem the next step - decals

carefully cutting out the decals will help you to mark the template for the paint scheme.

Decals- cut them close to eliminate a line in the work. Fill a sink with hot water and soak the decal. using a tooth pick and a wet paint brush float the decal from the paper to the car.Once in position blot it with a paper towel. Wait about 12 hours and spray with a coat of clear paint.

cutting the insulation off of wire makes great roll bar pads, the left-over can be used for braided lines under the hood.

finishing the assembly