Model Cars Honoring Petty Racing

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These cars represent the 2000-2009 era

The following cars are restored diecast that are all Hotwheels 1/24 scale . Each car is from the 2000 season. 2000 was the final year for Pontiac and STP as a major sponsor. The 43 cars were piloted by John Andretti. The team welcomes aboard a new sponsor , General Mills.

2001 Dodge Truck , driven by Carlos Contreras. This kit is a very Rare kit and was built in 2002. 

2001 Dodge Intrepid driven by John Andretti.

This was the return year of Dodge back into Nascar's top division. What better way than embellish it with the #43. The 43 car was the highest finishing Dodge that season with a 2nd place finish at Bristol Motor Speedway. This kit is the Revell pro finish series kit which still had to be assemble but featured a pre painted body.

Kyle Petty 2001 Dodge Intrepid

Kyle took over the #45 car of his son after his death in 2000 at Newhampshire Speedway. Each time the series returned to the track where Adam was killed, the car showed up all black in order to morn his death at the track. This is that car. It stared off as a Sterling Marlin Dodge kit by Revell. The decals were merged from a Sprint Chevy Decal sheet.

2003 Diecast

The 45 Dodge Intrepid is an autographed diecast that a friend of mine gave to to me. It has not been restored or reworked, it just looks nice in the collection

The 43 champion car is a dodge intrepid honoring Richard's 7 championships, this is a fantasy car, it has had some slight addions to make it more realistic.

2001 Dodge driven by Buckshot Jones 

This is a restored Hotwheels diecast that features the 4 generations of petty racing. The pettys were the first family in any sport to be represented by 4 generations. An additional replica was given to me ,(pictured below) this is a lionel diecast with lots of details. As you see,the hood, trunk and roff flaps will be glued in an open postion to difrenciate the 2 cars.

2002 Dodge Intrepid Run during the Coca Cola 600
below is the other side of the paint scheme
2006 snubnose charger driven by Bobby Labonte.
This was a CAT Dodge. I masked and created the paint scheme and printed the decals to create this.

2008 Dodge Charger and Advenger. These are the car of tommorow. Nascar's answer to a common template.  This car is the #19 car of Elliott Sadler. The petty operation had merged with the Gillette / Everham Operation and created a 4 car team . There was the 9, 19, 43, and 45 all now considered  as team cars.

This 19 car was a diecast, it was restored because the wing and front spliter were both missing from this replica. I fabricated those items using an aluminum drink can and superglue.

The 43 below started as a Jeff Gordon Chevy. Since the cars use a common template, I had a decal guy make me the decals for this car. It is now the 50th anniversary of petty racing Dodge driven by Bobby Labonte.

Kyle's 2008 Dodge- This is my first attempt to create my own decals
2009 Valvoline Charger driven by A J Allmendinger

    Kasey Kahne's 2009 Richard Petty Motorsports Dodge

      This car was a Gillette Everham 2008 diecast by Action. I converted it to a Petty car by removing the black stripes on the rocker panels and repainting them red.

2009 Ford Fusion - This is the first Ford for Richard Petty Motorsports

Petty at Indy?

This is a Petty owned Honda raced in the Indianopolis 500 in 2009. It was driven by John Andretti.  This car also raced with a slightly different paint scheme in 2010 and 2011