Model Cars Honoring Petty Racing

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1990s era


1990 Pontiac Grandprix

This kit was built from an AMT 1/25 scale kit. It represents the Daytona 500 car. You can tell this due to the lack of "OIL TREATMENT " on the rear quarter panels

1991 Pontiacs

These are restored Racing champion diecast, note the differnt lettering on the wheels

1992 Pontiacs

These are the Racing champion diecast versions of this car. If you look at the picture below you will se my restored version with the correct markings and grille. The smaller pair are 1/43 scale AMT snaptite kits also wearing the 1992 Fan apppreciation tour paint scheme.

I recieved this car as a freebie recently,

it was missing a wheel, stp decal on the hood and winshield

i purchased an old jeff gordon snaptype montecarlo and modified the wheels which look better than what was on the car,and modified a winshield

the stp logo is from an old charger kit, the hood stipes were missing so i printed my own

i left the wheels chrome to difrenciate it from the other one in my collection

1993 Pontiac

For one year only the #43 was retired and the #44 was used. Rick Wilson drove this car. The kit is an AMT 1/25 scale built out of the box

 Kyle Petty's 1990-1993 Pontiacs

3 of these cars are restored diecast. you can see some changes I made when you look at the wheel combonations and decal placement of the revell car (the picture with the chrome wheels) The other is a Racing Champions. The model with the lighter green represents the 1993 car Kyle won the pole for the Daytona 500, note the different grille.

1994 Pontiac Busch Series car driven by Rodney Combs

There were 3 variations of this car. The large one is a 1/24 scale bank that I restored while the 1/43 sacle ones below are power pull cars I hand painted

1994 Pontiac driven by Wally Dallenbach and John Andretti

This was a yardsale find that only cost me $1. It was a childs toy that was baddly abused. I disassembled it and added a fresh coat of paint and decals to make this diecast better than new.

1996 Watkins Glenn Roadcourse Pontiac

This kit was built using all types of scraps. The chasis is a thunderbird, the body pontiac while the moved fuel door is from a Jeff Gordon Lumina. This was not a complete kit when it was given to me for free. The windows were cut from box clear plastic since no windows were with this kit. This car represnts the first STP paint scheme from the 1996 season which represents 5 different paint schemes including a special silver scheme for the 25th anniversary of petty and STP. Please note the fuel filler is not on the driver's side of this car, it was reloacated to the other side since this is a road course car. Below is the Siver Aniversary car, restored from a racing champions diecast


1996 Rodney Combs Busch series Chevrolet

Built from an AMT Terry Labonte kit. This car also ran  this scheme as a pontiac

Rodney Combs Raced this truck during a few races in the 1996 season. I do believe it was the petty owned truck campained in the 1995 season as a green #43. I think the truck was purchased by Combs in order to build trucks for Rodney Jr. This truck is a Rcing Champions diecast that has been dissasembled , detailed , and reasembled.
Kyle Petty's 1996 Busch Series  NWO Chevrolet. It was run only a limited number of times. It was owned by Kyle. This is a rebuilt Racing Champions diecast.

Rich Bickle 1996 Dodge Craftman truck

Strted as Racing champions diecast. Changes made include detailing chassis, painting window net, painting black wheels blue , adding headlight decals, and adding black inserts in grille.

Kyle's 1997 PE2 pontiac

Built from the box but added techniques to make car appeared as if it just finished a race. below is the dark blue 1997 Pontiac ran at Indianapolis in August.

1997 Kyle Petty Transporter

This kit was built from a snaptype 1/32 scale kit. It has added details such as wiring from tractor to trailer. 

Bobby Hamilton's 1997 Pontiacs

The car on the left represents a short track car, while the one on the right with the splash of yellow on the nose is a superspeedway car.

1998 Pontiac Driven By John Andretti

built from same kit as 1997 just used different decals for 1998 year

OKay so I have this pontiac body Magnum 4243 gave me , a decal sheet from another site member, a monte carlo chassis I built a while back , but no hood , what do I do? I made a see through hood that still had the look of the paint scheme , but allows the car to be displayed so others can see under the hood without opening it. I still got to make the missing windows but whacha think?

Kyle Petty's 1998 Hotwheels Pontiac . This was the car ran at Indy. The kit was built from the limited edition model in the tin kit from Revell

John Andretti's 1999 Stp Pontiac. This was a Hotwheels diecast that I diassembled , detailed and reassembled. This is the car John Andretti recieved his last win in.

1999 Dodge Craftman truck driven by Jimmy Hensley

This truck is hand painted and decaled diecast used to represent the truck from this era.

Adam Petty's 1999 Spree Chevrolet

This car was built from an AMT kit shortly after Adam's death in May 2000.

Since no decals were available at the time , this acr is all hand painted. I wanted Adam to be honored in this collection.Below is the same car with the Petty 50th anniversary paint scheme

1800BePetty show car. 

Built from a 1/32 scale Jeff Gordon snap tite Dupont car