Model Cars Honoring Petty Racing

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1970s Era

This car was originally a petty 1968 roadrunner, it was sold to Don Roberson and rented back by the king to run races in 1970 at columbia and raliegh fairgrounds , the car won both races

1970 Plymouth Roadrunner

Richard races two types of cars for 1970. One was the Roadrunner the other was the Superbird. The Roadrunner was raced on smaller tracks. This kit started as a Monogram Street stock Roadruner that has been heavily modified by "kitbashing". Kitbashing is a term modelers use to explain borrowing from other kits to modify an existing kit.Dirt track car is below

In 1970 Petty Enterprises sold this car to Don Roberson. Two final races, one at Columbia and one in Raleigh, Petty did not want to build a new car so he rented his old car back and drove it to wins at both tracks. He sported the Roberson colors

1970 Plymouth Superbird

This is the car used in 1970 to race on the superspeedways. It was what lured the king back to Chrysler from Ford. This kit is a 2001 issue of the Street Petty superbird built by Revell. It was modified to represent the look of a race car. This kit was built in 2001 and recently mildly restored

1971 Dodge Charger and Plymouth Roadrunner

in 1971 Factory backing from Chrysler would be cut to two teams. They both were to be housed at Petty Enterprises. The #11 Dodge carger was built from a scrap AMT street stock Dodge Charger and is driven by Buddy Baker. The markings are hand-painted.


Richard's car (shown below) remained a Plymouth for 1971. This car was built by salvaging parts and pieces from several Junk Roadrunner kits and a Charger kit. The decals were printed from the computer as an experiment.

This car was funded by petty enterprises in 1972 and built from scrap parts

1972 Roadrunner, the first year of STP. This car was built from a Monogram Roadrunner kit using a Thunderbird chassis and many donated parts.


This is the 1/16 scalr 1973 Dodge Charger just released in January 2013. It was built sraight from the box

This is a petty built Duster from 1974 campaigned by neighbor, Roy Hill. Paint scheme looks similar to 1974 Charger. This kit is scrap parts and pieces.

coming soon future 1974-1977 dodge chargers 1/43 scale and 1978-1979 dodge magnums



Hershal Mc Griff's Petty built Arca series stock car . This kit is a reproduction resin that was molded for me , it is in 1/43 scale. The car is a 1974 Dodge Charger

This paint scheme was run from 1974 -1977 with only slight variations. This kit was built from a polar lights kit , and was donated to me to build.

1975 Dodge Charger Built in 1/43 scale

1977 Chevrolet Camaro.

This car was used to race as an invitation to the International Race of Champions (IROC) series. Each race used a different color and number. This kit represnts the race at Michigan. The kit is a modified Revell streetburner series camaro

1978 Dodges
Richard Petty's 1978 Dodge magnum resin in 1/43 scale 

to the right   Joe Millikan's ARCA petty enterpises Charger in 1/43 scale

These are Kyle Petty's 1979 Dodge Magnums built in 1/43 scale