Model Cars Honoring Petty Racing

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Models I have built representing the 1960s Petty racers


1963 Plymouth Bevedere
This kit was built from a Johan 1/25 scale Plymouth Fury with custom parts

1964 Plymouth Belvedere dirt trck car

This car was built using a Johan 1/25 scale kit. It was painted in such a way to represent the look of being raced on a dirt track.

1964 Plymouth Belevedere

Built from a Lindbergh 1/24 scale model to represent the 1964 Daytona 500 winner

1965 Plymouth Barracuda

This is not an exact replica , but just a rendition of the boycotted year


this car started as a 69 cuda , the rear window was modified, as was the grille and headlights


the front bumper filleris a 71 duster go wing, front wheels are from a 68 hemi dart kit, rear wheels and blower are from a 41 willys kit, the headlights and grille were carved from a petty torino kit

43 decals are from a 90 stp pontiac, jr decals are from the same kit using the oil treatment decals, the "t" was turned upside down and cut to form a "J", contengetcy decals are from a polar lights charger kit. The stripes are a slix wally dallenback 94 stp sheet. Again it is not perfect, I just wanted to represent something that looked like 43 JR.

1968 Plymouth Roadrunner

This car had a simulated textured painted top to represent the popular vinyl tops of the time. It was believed that the air would fill the textures in the paint causing the car to be more slippier in the air. This scheme only ran at Daytona. This car was built many years ago using an AMT 1/25 scale kit with modifications. It was almost tossed out because of issus with age. After finding all the nessesary parts , I did a mild restoration. Duck tape was added around the winshield because during the race the roof peeled back and was tapped down. Another 68 Roadrunner has been added to the collection. Using a 1969 GTX i recieved from my daughter for father's day I built the car below to represent this scheme , which was run during the firecracker 400 and a race at nashville.

1969 Ford Torinos

These cars are from the newly released Polar Lights Series. I have built two each with different markings, grilles, and engines to represent Richard's year with Ford